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Adding your site to the Ananzi search engine (SA Web) and SA Directory is a free service that Ananzi is offering to owners of Southern African web sites or web sites in some way related to Southern Africa. All you need to do to get your site listed is to read our "Terms & Conditions" below and follow the instructions on the next few pages. Once we receive your submission, our administrators will review your site and inform you via e-mail whether or not your site has been accepted to Ananzi.

Terms and conditions of adding your site to Ananzi

Ananzi takes pride in providing the best possible search engine experience for our users. By submitting a site to Ananzi, users agree to the following terms and conditions governing the use of Ananzi's services. Please verify the following before you proceed:

  • Ananzi consists of two sections: the Search Engine (SA Web) and the SA Directory. After your site has been reviewed and accepted by Ananzi's administrators, it will become searchable via the Ananzi search bar and will be located in the SA Directory under the category to which you have submitted it (although Ananzi's search adminstrators might change this should a more appropriate category be available).

  • Please note that sites must either be based in Southern Africa or cover a topic that is relevant to Southern Africa. Please do not submit sites which have no bearing on Southern Africa.

  • Ananzi reserves the right to reject directory submissions, as well as to remove entries or move them to other categories at any time and for any reason.

  • Ananzi only allows one entry per site in our SA Site Directory. Only in exceptional cases will we consider allowing a duplicate entry.

  • Meta tags play a definitive role in determining the searchability and ranking of a site and we recommend to site owners to add meta tags to their web sites. (Click here for guidelines on adding meta tags to your site.)

  • Keywords and meta tags used to describe sites must accurately represent their content. Any attempts at spamming may result in exclusion from Ananzi.

  • Ananzi can reject sites which contents are essentially repetitive in nature, whilst just containing different contact details (e.g. sites advertising the same product or network marketing programs).

  • No submissions will be accepted if the submissions form has been filled in only in capital letters.

  • The excessive use of punctuation marks and symbols in titles (to boost site listings) will not be allowed.

  • Ananzi does not accept any affiliate sites as these sites make it nearly impossible for owners of brands to get a good listing on search engines.

  • Ananzi does not accept any link farm sites due to the fact that Ananzi is a search engine in its own right and should not be used as merely a stepping stone to get a good ranking in international search engines.

  • Ananzi cannot guarantee that any sites submitted via automated submissions programs will be received and accepted.

  • If your site has been accepted and, in future, you want to make any changes to your site's listing, please complete the form at

  • Ananzi cannot be held responsible for the content of pages hosted under our free service. We do try to review all pages for content before they are posted. However, we reserve the right to remove any page from our servers which we determine to be in violation of our rules and ethics.

  • Ananzi reserves the right to discontinue free of charge listing in our SA Directory and search engine. You will be notified of any change of policy concerning this amendment.

  • If you have not found an appropriate category to submit your site to, please view our category list or e-mail the Directory Administrator. 

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