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 Guidelines for optimising and making your site searchable

  1. Meta tags
  2. Framed sites
  3. Help with site optimisation
  4. How your site will be listed

Meta tags
The description, listing and ranking of sites in the Ananzi search engine is determined by a complex algorithm which gathers information from the following tags on your site, e.g. title, meta tags, body text, etc.

Meta tags should be placed in the <head> section of a site's front page and normally consist of a title, meta description and meta keywords. These are used to describe the content found on the site.

It is advisable not to repeat the same word more than twice within each of the above-mentioned tags, as most search engines have a built-in spamming detection feature. Should you repeat the same word too often, it might negatively influence your ranking in search engines.

The "title" tag contains the name or title of your web site with a short phrase describing the main products or service offered, while the "description" meta tag contains a short description of your site. These two tags are important due to the fact that their content are extracted to form the name and summary of your site as displayed in the search results page.

The "keywords" meta tag should be used to include keywords that are relevant to your site and which in turn, will enable your site to be searchable. Beware not to use more than 100 words in this tag, as this will also be seen as spamming, which might in turn result in a negative ranking.

Use the example below to help set up your meta tags:

Example: <html>
<title>Add an appropriate title for your site here</title>
<meta name="description" content="Add an appropriate description of your site here">
<meta name="keywords" content="word1, word2, word3, word4, ....">



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Framed sites
Framed sites are normally more difficult to index in search engines than normal sites. If you are using frames on your site, make sure to add the meta tags to the container (frameset) page.

Additional information on optimising framed sites for search engines and removing unwanted pieces of frames sites from the search results, is available from Search Engine Watch.

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How your site will be listed on Ananzi
For a diagram and explanation of how your submission will be processed and listed on Ananzi once accepted click here.
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