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  1. The name and the myth
  2. The search engine
  3. How to add your site to Ananzi
  4. How Ananzi works
  5. Make Ananzi your default homepage
  6. How to add the Ananzi logo to your site
  7. How to add the Ananzi search box to your site
  8. How to add the Ananzi search toolbar to your browser
  9. Do you have an Ananzi gadget for Windows Vista?
  10. Ananzi's ads
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  12. The Ananzi team

The name and the myth

Ananzi's name comes from a Demi-God of West African mythology. Ananzi is a trickster who delights in duping animals and men: tales of his exploits are widespread in West Africa, the Caribbean and South America.

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The search engine

The Ananzi Search Engine aims to be the best South African search engine on the internet. Ananzi is devoted to South African web sites. (Did you know that more than 10% of South Africa's web sites have a domain that does not end in .za? Many end with .com or .net instead.) On Ananzi, sites are individually checked by us to ensure that we stay South African.

Ananzi was first created it in early 1996, making it the first South African search engine. In June 2000 it was re-engineered to make it one of the fastest search engines on the Internet. Ananzi currently indexes over 2 300 000 web pages related to South Africa, and the number is growing daily. Alongside the search engine, Ananzi's SA Site Directory is a hand-picked category-based list of the best sites South Africa has to offer.

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How to add your site Ananzi?

Should you want to add your website to Ananzi's search engine and directory, you can do so via our submissions page. Listing your site on Ananzi is a completely free service that we offer to all owners on Southern African web sites or web sites related to Southern Africa in some way.

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How Ananzi works?

Ananzi consists of two sections: the SA Site Directory and the Search Engine (SA Web). In order however to get your site into the Ananzi search engine, you first have to submit it to the SA Site Directory - from where it would be spidered (indexed) and added to the search engine should it fit our acceptance criteria. This process is detailed here.

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How to make Ananzi your default homepage

Do you want Ananzi to open automatically when you start your browser?
Then simply click here.

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How to add the Ananzi logo to your site?

Copy the HTML code below into a page on your website where you want this logo to appear:

Ananzi - South Africa's no.1 search engine

<a href="" target="_blank">
<img src="" width="180" height="95" border="0" alt="Ananzi - South Africa's no.1 search engine">

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How to add the Ananzi search box to your site?

If you would like to include an Ananzi Search Box and Button on your website, simply copy and paste the following HTML code into your website. Below is an example of what the Ananzi Search Box looks like.
SA Web
SA Directory

<table border="0" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="2" align="center" width="220">
<form method="GET" action="">
<td width="120" valign="bottom" rowspan="2">
<font face="Verdana" size="1">
<input type="radio" name="col" value="saweb2" checked> <b>SA Web</b><br>
<input type="radio" name="col" value="catalog"> <b>SA Directory</b>
<input type="text" name="qt" size="16" maxlength="1991" value>
<td width="120" height="29" valign="bottom">
<input type="image" src="" border="0" width="68" height="29" value="search" align="abstop"></td></tr>

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How to add the Ananzi search toolbar to your browser

To permanently display the Ananzi search box in your browser's toolbar, simply download and install the approriate .zip file below. Once this has been installed, the Ananzi search box and links to some of the most popular areas within Ananzi (e.g. Ananzi News, Ananzi Mail, Ananzi Weather and Ananzi Maps) will always be available at the top of your browser, no matter which site your are on. Simply enter any word in the search box on the toolbar and the Ananzi search results page will open up with matching results for your query. Or click any of the icons next to the search logo to access one of the services mentioned above.

Download and installation instructions :

Ananzi Toolbar for Internet Explorer:

  Ananzi Toolbar for Mozilla Firefox:

  1. Open the file by clicking the icon below:

  2. Unzip the file that you have just downloaded.

  3. Click on the ananzi.exe icon to start the installation.

  4. Choose the installation location on the window that pops up, or just keep the default location already added. Then click the Install button.

  5. Once this installation is complete, click the close button.

  6. This pop-up window will then close and open a new browser window with an explanation on how to use each of the features on the Ananzi toolbar.
  1. Open the file by clicking the icon below:

  2. Unzip the file that you have just downloaded to your desktop (or any other location where you can easily find it).

  3. Open Mozilla Firefox. In the top menu bar, click on File and select Open File.

  4. Select the directory into which this file was unzipped and click on the install.html file.

  5. This will open a page with the following link at the top: Click here to install the Ananzi Toolbar.

  6. Click this link and select Install now on the window that pops up.

  7. Once done a window will pop-up asking you to restart your browser to finish the installation. Click OK and look for the Add-ons window that opened in your task bar.

  8. On this window, click Restart Firefox. The new toolbar will now appear above your address bar and is ready for use.
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Ananzi's ads
Ananzi constantly markets itself through various media, including radio, television, print and the Internet. Click here to listen to and view some of our ads.

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The Ananzi team

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