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Interlocking bricks & beveled bricks for paving and building brick walls | Cement Paving Bricks

Bevel Bricks conframat BricksIf you’re thinking of paving your drive-way, pavement, parking area or other surface, Conframat can supply you with the right type of cement paving bricks for your needs. As an individual you can choose from their selection of quality beveled or interlocking bricks for the area you need paved. Contractors’ needs can also be accommodated as Conframat is able to supply huge quantities of paving and bricks. Their current daily output capacity is in excess of two hundred thousand (200 000) concrete paving bricks. .

Having been established in 1999, Conframat started operating its first brick-manufacturing plant in 2004 and they have since expanded to three such concrete-churning plants in Vanderbijlpark. This brick paving company specialises in 50mm as well as 60mm bevel pavers, in addition to 60mm and 80mm interlock pavers, also known as pavelock and they can advise as to which option would be best for your particular paving needs. Their selection of different sizes, shapes, and colors of concrete paving brick will enable you to get the brick that’s just right for you.

Beveled bricks, paving bricks., we have them all

Interlock bricks comframat bricksAs a respected player in the brick manufacturing industry, Conframat makes high-quality paving bricks with a very low breakage percentage and they are also approved by the South African Bureau of Standards to supply cement bricks to your paving satisfaction. As far as brick deliveries are concerned, Conframat has their own fleet of brick delivery trucks and their well-organised production scheduling systems ensure that all ordered loads of cement bricks are delivered on time, every time. You can rest assured that with Conframat concrete bricks in your yard, you’ll be the envy of the neighbourhood, while in business circles, you can impress clients and competition alike with the high quality of your paving workmanship, which will reflect well on your company. Conframat makes sure that the statement you make with your paving bricks is one that will get you noticed.

Concrete Brick mixer

Their concrete brick mix ensures you a stronger brick for your driveway or parking area; one advantage of this type of brick paving is that it is usually stronger and lasts longer than tar paving. Conframat bricks are especially effective if you want to pave a flat surface. The interlocking beveled bricks fit together for a stronger surface that is less prone to cracking and drains water better. As a paving solution, brick paving also provides a more durable and skid-resistant surface so it’s a good choice as either a home or business paving option. So remember to keep Conframat in mind when you think of paving.