• Consulting Network
    A solution provider specialising in SAP consulting, training and development.
  • ConsultWomen
    An association of professional women working in the field of organisational and personal development.
  • Consumer Profile Bureau
    The leading risk information supplier in Southern Africa. Reducing credit risk, fraud and bad debt.
  • Contracts Online
    Online contract resource centre. Why pay high consultaion fees for your contracts. No time wasting, customised contracts online!
  • Convenience Stores
    Business tools for convenience stores.
  • Cool-Point
    Airconditioning and refrigeration.
  • Cornerstone Performance Solutions
    Equipping managers to develop themselves and their team.
  • Corporate Business Solutions - Phambili
    Recognised as a leading executive partnership consultancy in South Africa.
  • Corporate Configurations
    In the business of enhancing pertinent stakeholder and shareowner relationships to make day-to-day management more meaningful and make the business odds more favourable.
  • Corporate Credit Consultants
    In a rapidly changing South Africa, the need for discreet and confidential Collections done professionally is becoming more prevalent than ever before.
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