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Water Storage Tanks, Plastic Troughs, Septic Tanks, Mobile Toilets & other Plastic Products

Water Storage Tanks & other plastic ware
Pennells Tanks is a supplier of various kinds of plastic ware, being experts in the design, manufacture, and distribution of plastic products including:

Founded more than 30 years ago and located in the Limpopo Province, this plastic tanks manufacturer has a long, established history of providing quality tanks and troughs all over Southern Africa. In addition to conventional water storage devices such as water tanks and plastic troughs, Pennells Tanks also designs and makes septic tanks as well as mobile or portable toilets for use in outdoor or un-piped environments. Grease traps as well as fertilizer tanks are another area in which Pennells Tanks excels, supplying grease traps of varying sizes and volumes. All their grease traps come standard with a 250mm lid filled with concrete, Marley 100mm inlet, Marley 50mm outlet and a 100mm rodding eye. Find out more about their products & contact them to order.

What’s Special About Pennells Tanks

Pennells Tanks range of water tanks, fertilizer tanks and mobile toilets are manufactured to exacting standards, which translates to durability and robustness. All the water storage tanks, grease traps and fertilizer tanks produced by Pennells Tanks are built for ease of installation as well as being low on maintenance. With their portable toilets, fertilizer tanks, plastic troughs and septic tanks you’ll never have to worry about rusting or leaks because all their products are certified and tested to eliminate all faults.
Pennells Tanks knows that in many parts of Africa, the need for safe and reliable water storage tanks and water troughs is an on-going requirement, which is why they ensure that they supply plastic troughs and plastic tanks of various sizes and capacities suitable for use in different types of environments. Their portable toilets and septic tanks are designed to be sanitary, safe and easy to manage, thus allowing for health and hygiene at all times.

More Than Water Tanks & Mobile Or Portable Toilets…

Other than water troughs, portable toilets and the likes of fertilizer tanks and grease traps, Pennells Tanks’ reach in the plastics industry stretches to all sorts of other plastic products including plastic toys, furniture, boats, pools, and so much more. Contact them to discuss your needs and order water troughs, mobile toilets, grease traps and septic tanks today.

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