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Internet Express: For Couriers, Shipping, Excess Baggage, Freight, Road Freight and Express Air Freight

Are you looking for a company that offers you domestic and international online solutions for Courier Services as well as provides services such as Shipping, Excess Baggage, Freight, Road Freight, Express Air Freight, Same Day Delivery, Express Freight and transport? If you answered yes to this, Internet Express is the company to call today.

As an Express Shipping and Air Freight service provider for bigger corporate users in South Africa, Internet Express also provides cost effective and highly flexible Courier Services to the individual and corporate user. Fully integrated eCommerce Express Parcel Services for online vendors and Same Day Shipping are fully integrated where required.

Established in 1998, Internet Express became the first company to provide the online community with a practical Courier solution. Our business has been re-invented and our solutions have been re-developed. At Internet Express, we have recently introduced the Excess Baggage service in addition to other services which include Shipping, Freight, Courier Services, Road Freight, Express Air Freight, Same Day Delivery, Express Freight and Transport. This comes as a response to our customers’ requirements as well as the market.

Confident in the product and system, Internet Express is now able to manage your courier both domestically and internationally irrespective of whether you are a multi-tiered customer with multi-use or an ad hoc user of our services.  

Internet Express offers clients domestic services such as: Same Day Express, Overnight Express, Budget Courier and Road Freight.

The international services include: International Documents, International non-documents and clearing and Airfreight.

The Excess Baggage service Internet Express has on offer is designed to satisfy the corporate travelers’ requirements. As a client, you are provided a competitive and cost effective alternative to paying the airlines directly at the time of embarking on your journey. We collect from your door in South Africa and deliver to the airport of destination to await clearance and collection by the customer.

Another service Internet Express offers is one of Unaccompanied Baggage which is similar to the Excess Baggage service except that the person making use of the service does not need to be a passenger.

For more information on the what Internet express can do for you, visit our website today or give us a call so that we can assist you.

Try Internet Express today for Courier Services, Same Day Delivery, Express Freight and Transport

Meeting your domestic and international Courier requirements, Internet Express also offers clients services such as Shipping, Excess Baggage, Freight, Courier Services, Road Freight, Express Air Freight, Same Day Delivery, Express Freight and Transport. So if you require any of these quality services, contact Internet Express for more information.

Internet Express provides a tried and tested product to player in the Courier and Air Freight Industry. It allows these companies to manage those difficult cash collections whilst at the same time improving cash flow and maintaining market share and reducing the burden and pressure placed on debtors’ staff to collect outstanding monies. 

Should you require, Internet Express is able to provide you a delivery service on a public holiday or on a Saturday to any major centre in South Africa.  A surcharge will be levied over and above the domestic overnight express rate.

All Courier Service quotations are free and do not require registration or you can simply call us and speak to a Courier company with a difference.

At Internet Express, we have the aim to be your Courier Company of choice for Parcel Services, International Courier requirements, Same Day Express Shipping and domestic eCommerce Courier Services.

For more information on our products and services provided by Internet Express, please visit our website or give us a call for more assistance.