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For Industrial Cleaning, Surface Preparation, Industrial Scaffolding And Abrasive Blasting

Are you looking for reliable industrial cleaning, surface preparation, abrasive blasting or industrial scaffolding? If so, then try TMS Group today. We undertake all of the above as well as toxic waste vacuuming, high pressure cleaning, catalyst handling, labour broking and manpower facilitation. We have skilled personnel to professionally undertake the job. We are a Labour broker and offer manpower facilitation. Our team of specialists also performs abrasive blasting and catalyst handling. Our high pressure cleaning service is ideal for cleaning out tough materials from surfaces and has been the preferred method for many companies. Toxic waste vacuuming can be a very hazardous task, so why take the risk? Let the TMS Group handle all your cleaning and preparing requirements. Try the TMS Group today, and rest assured the job will be executed with adherence to safety standards and all industry requirements will be met. For more information or to view our full list of services or products, visit our website now or call and speak to a professional consultant who is waiting to assist you.

For Manpower Facilitation, Catalyst Handling, Labour Broking, Toxic Waste Vacuuming And High Pressure Cleaning

We perform high pressure cleaning to all surfaces using intricate machinery. We can remove deposits of sludge, scale and chemical residue from pipelines, vessels, reactors, columns, tubes and tanks. The removal and transportation of toxic substances forms a major part of our group services. We have well-maintained vehicles and skilled staff to perform the operation safely and securely. We also have various skilled personnel that you can outsource to save on cost. These seasoned professionals are highly sought after and will provide quality workmanship. We have been erecting industrial scaffolding for many years to many established clients. We are capable of supplying industrial scaffolding of up to 98000 cubic meters! TMS Group uses high pressure cleaning methods to ensure your surfaces are ready for other applications. Yet another benefit is that various abrasive media can be used to fit specific applications, thanks to variable water-flow rates, depending on the nozzle used. We provide a wide range of coatings, from zinc primers to specialized glassflake coatings. TMS GROUP provides major petroleum and chemical companies with all phases of catalyst-handling change-out and services. Our systems are fully customizable to suit your requirements.
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