Dalucon Refrigeration & Cold Storage Packaging Products | Freezers, Freezer Rooms, Cold rooms, Mortuary Cabinets & Industrial Insulation

For all your refrigeration, insulation and cold room requirements, Dalucon Refrigeration Products deals in a range of cold storage products from cold rooms, freezer rooms, insulated truck bodies, cellular containers, mortuary cabinets, air handling units to dust-free clean rooms, telecommunication shelters, containers, insulated containers, insulated shelters and insulated panels.

Dalucon Refrigeration has 40 years of experience in the manufacture and installation of refrigeration products as well as thirty years in the refrigeration and modular paneling industry so whatever type of cold storage solution you’re looking for, this company’s got you covered.
They manufacture, install and maintain cold and freezer rooms, insulated truck bodies, cellular containers, mortuary cabinets, air handling units as well as dust free clean rooms and insulated panels.

Dalucon Refrigeration also boasts a three-year guarantee on all panels and one year on refrigeration, while all maintenance and repairs of refrigeration equipment is done on site in addition to providing monthly maintenance on refrigeration units.

Industries that benefit from Dalucon Refrigeration products and cold storage solutions are businesses such as restaurants, hotels and clubs. In addition, this refrigeration company provides packaging and cold storage products to the likes of wine makers and bottle stores.

The frozen food industry such as poultry dealers and ice-makers also relies heavily on refrigeration and freezer solutions which Dalucon Refrigeration covers with their range of cold storage products.

Dalucon Refrigeration’s cold & freezer rooms can be constructed to suit your specific cold storage needs. They also make refrigeration truck bodies for all your food and beverage transport requirements.

Dalucon Refrigeration can make your mortuary structures from galvanized or in full stainless steel trim. These mortuary structures can be done from 10 bodies upward depending on the space you have in your mortuary.

Their condensing and air-cooling units are mounted on the service panel which is situated on the rear of the cabinet so that it forms a complete, self-contained unit. This allows for easy maintenance and repair.

The refrigerant tubing, instrument panel, electrical wiring, and all other parts are factory mounted on the service panel. A neat instrument panel, on which an isolator and pressure switch are mounted, is provided and fixed to the service panel. A thermometer is mounted above the doors on the front of the cabinet.