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The thought of owning a home is one that brings joy and excitement, especially for young couples. However owning a home is becoming more difficult, especially with the ever increasing interest rates and turbulent economic conditions in South Africa. A house in a low density suburb costs you anything between R750,000 to R2,000,000 and getting this kind of capital can be hassle. The only way to actually own a home is by getting finance and this is where Bond Advisor becomes your most trusted and reliable friend.



We make it easier


Bond Advisor makes the whole process of securing a home loan stress free by helping you source an affordable home loan from all the major South African Banks (Absa, FNB, Standard Bank & Nedbank) at the best interest rate possible, with just one application. Bond Advisor has been involved in the bond origination business for many years and have been through all the changes. The home loan company complies with the New Credit Act and has a remarkable 100% success rate in home loan applications. Independent analysts rate Bond Advisor as having the fastest turnaround time when it comes to the bank processing your home loan.


Take time to relect on your budget


A lot of people who apply for home loans or a bond end up getting in trouble financially because they didn’t take time to use actual calculators how much they would have to pay for their bond each month. Thousand of people do this each year in South Africa & Bond Advisor can help you check how much all the costs will be using their efficient online tools. Such as the complete cost estimator and BANCA (Bond Advisor New Credit Act Estimator). BANCA lets you see how much you can actually afford when all your monthly bills have been paid. This will help you make an intelligent and will calculate decision regarding or home loan and bond.


Objective and independant advice from the experts


One factor that makes Bond Advisor the best bond origination company is the fact that they operate completely independent (free) of estate agents. This ensures that your interests come first and there wont be any third party commissions involved. Bond Advisor is a registered Financial Services Provider and has been assisting people just like you apply for an affordable home loan in South Africa. All you need to apply for a home loan is a certified copy of your ID or marriage certificate and the service is free to you. We charge discounted legal fees and the process involves:

  1. Use the bond tools to estimate your affordability
  2. Sign up in order to access our section
  3. Fill in the application form to send to the banks
  4. Have complete peace of mind by letting the professionals handle the process

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