Aviation Training: Cabin crew, Pilot Training, Air Hostess

Corporate flight attendant jobs and aviation careers have grown in popularity in recent times, which is why Big Sky Cabin Training Academy, a top aviation college specialising in aviation careers, offers various flight attendant training and pilot training courses. Deciding to take up pilot training or any other of our flight school courses can offer you the chance to live your dream career with the open sky as your office. Aviation careers can be split into several areas covering air hostess, pilot or other cabin crew. We would like the opportunity to bring out the best pilot or air hostess in you. We offer world-class flight attendant training, pilot training and various other aviation training courses. Our flight school, located at Wonderboom Airport, complies with all health and safety regulations regarding pilots, cabin crew and air hostesses. Aviation colleges are very costly, with insurance being the major cost; however our flight school will eliminate some of the costs as we use freelance instructors and dedicated aviation training examiners who all form part of SAA cabin crew, air hostesses and pilots.

Master The Skies as a Pilot
Whilst helping students attain corporate flight attendant jobs, we also assist other professionals fulfil life-long dreams of becoming pilots. Pilot training can be a tricky and very expensive venture, but our team of pilot training specialists will make the experience much more comfortable. We offer helicopter pilot training, which differs from normal pilot training and has a very different syllabus.
Cabin Crew & Flight Attendant Training
Cabin crew and flight attendant training is undertaken at our hangar in Wonderboom airport with a maximum of 6 students to ensure individual attention which allows for a better flight school experience. Flight attendant and air hostess training is done on a plane, allowing students to get hands-on air hostess experience.  Aviation Career training  includes:

Big Sky Training Academy is dedicated in providing quality aviation training, with health and safety our main priorities to ensure you receive the best pilot and cabin crew education. Our aviation college is unique and we pride ourselves in providing individual attention. By assisting students to get corporate flight attendant jobs and teach them how to maintain a viable aviation career, we believe that we can make a positive contribution in aviation college circles. If you are serious about an aviation career or want to fulfil a dream of becoming a pilot, air hostess or other cabin crew member, then contact Big Sky Training Academy and we can make your aviation dreams a reality.