Animal Products For Dogs, Cow Disease And Other Infectious Diseases

Afrivet Supplies Animal Products For Dog And Cow Disease And Other Infectious Diseases

Do you need the best veterinary medicine for your sheep or cattle? Do your animals suffer from severe tick bites? Do you want the best animal products and training? If so, Afrivet Business Management offers a wide range of veterinary solutions , suitable for all animals and adapted for the harsh South African climate. Owners of sheep, cattle and other farm animals can take advantage of our superb range of animal products that are developed by leading international veterinarians. Dog and cow diseases are common in South Africa but with our medicine, all infectious diseases are eliminated with ease. Afrivet also offers specialised animal training and high quality tick bite control. Our strict enforcement of the highest quality of products is intended to comply with international registration standards, which in most cases are far higher than local requirements. Afrivet uses only independent laboratories for quality assurance and control. The phenomenal success of Afrivet, founded in 2000 and already one of the top 5 suppliers of stock remedies and veterinary medicines in South African, can largely be attributed to its commitment to quality and service. To discover more about our products and service, visit our website now or contact us today.

Animal Training And Tick Bites Medicines For Sheep And Cattle

Through international research and development, Afrivet has a wide range of   medicines to suite all ailments including ticks and infectious diseases. Raw materials used in the imported products, or those used for the local production are all sourced from multinational companies, mainly Schering Plough Animal Health or ECO Animal Health. These reputable companies in turn either manufacture their own actives or source them from EU or US FDA approved factories. To discover more on our sheep and cattle products, tick treatments or animal training, go onto our website now or call us today.

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Being one of South Africa's top suppliers of veterinary medicines and animal products, Afrivet offers only the best products available. Our products provide a veterinarian solution to all your animal troubles and allow you to forget about disease. Visit our website now to view our range of products and services as well as our informative literature section. You can also check out our amazing promotions for unbelievable specials on our animal products. To order, contact us today and we will supply you with only the best.

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