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Power your world with a custom-built diesel generator from ProPower.  Our diesel generators are top choice for power generation because this type of generator starts up and assumes load very quickly and is more cost-effective than other fuel generators. Diesel generators are also very well suited to both continuous and standby power generation so whether you want to use your generator intermittently or on an ongoing basis, a ProPower diesel generator is the perfect choice for you. With a ProPower diesel generator you can be sure that clients will come to depend on your service and products regardless of interruptions to power supply.

We can help you take the success of your business into your own hands with our range of custom-built diesel generators for use in domestic, mining or industrial settings. Generator power ensures that you keep producing while others down tools. At ProPower we know diesel generators because we build them from scratch, so you know you’re getting the right generator for your requirements. Whatever capacity you need your diesel generator to supply, we can custom-design that very generator for you!
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ProPower designs and builds the following types of diesel generators:


Contractor & industrial generators:
These type of generators are for situations where you need to deliver generator power at construction sites where there is no other power supply.  ProPower can design you a custom industrial portable diesel generator. Our industrial diesel generators are robust and built to provide hours of consistent generator power. We build industrial generators to meet your power needs when dependable portable power is required. Portable generators are equipped with industrial-grade engines to provide the performance and dependability needed in serious business.

Domestic generators:
For domestic use, generator power ensures that you life does not come to a standstill when power disruptions occur. Domestic diesel generators are designed specifically for use in the home where the main need is the maintenance of quality of life when power interruptions occur. ProPower domestic diesel generators are particularly useful in such settings where continuous uninterrupted power supply is needed for heating, lighting and security systems. We can offer you the best domestic generator available.

ProPower also designs and builds diesel generators for use in:

  • Mining
  • Farming
  • Retail

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