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Living in Knysna: A Quick Guide to the Real Estate Market & Neighborhoods
Market status in Knysna
Our catalog on offers a comprehensive overview of the real estate sales market status in Knysna (Garden Route, South Africa), showcasing the latest trends and offerings. The city features various dwelling types, with House leading with an average price of R 5.4 million ZAR, an average size of 460 m², and representing 60.4% of listings. Apartment follow with an average price of R 5.4 million ZAR, an average size of 460 m², and 17.9% of listings. Vacant Land make up 14.8% of listings, with an average price of R 5.1 million ZAR and an average size of 627 m².
Nearby cities for commuters
Exploring alternatives to Knysna unveils George, Mossel Bay, and Port Elizabeth, each promising a unique mix of proximity and more affordable living compared to Knysna. George, a short hop from Knysna, is notable for its lower average real estate price of R 4.3 million ZAR. The commute in George is diverse, featuring a 60 km, 45-minute trip by car, and a 70 km, 90-minute journey by public transport. Mossel Bay, nestled 106 km away by car from Knysna, showcases homes at an inviting average price of R 4.1 million ZAR. Connectivity flourishes in Mossel Bay with a 120 km, 180-minute ride via public transport, and a 150 km, 480-minute trip by bike. Lastly, Port Elizabeth, offering a captivating average property price of R 2.1 million ZAR, lies just 270 km from Knysna by car. The commuting scene in Port Elizabeth is versatile, with a 320 km, 960-minute commute via bike, and a 286 km, 300-minute route by public transport. Each Knysna alternative enriches the quest for those looking to stay close to Knysna while finding a home that suits their budget and lifestyle needs, complete with varied commuting options to ensure easy access to and from Knysna.
What are the property taxes in Knysna and are there any other ongoing costs I should consider?
In the city of Knysna, property tax rates are based on the valuation of the property, with different rates applied for residential, business, and agricultural properties. Additional ongoing costs may include water, electricity, and refuse removal services. Property taxes and service charges should be confirmed with the local municipality for up-to-date rates. Visit for specific details.
What types of upfront costs and fees will I have to pay when purchasing a property in Knysna?
When purchasing property in Knysna, you will encounter costs such as transfer duties (varies based on property value), attorney fees, bond registration fees (if financing), and potentially a bank initiation fee. Transfer duty exemption applies to properties under R1,000,000. Always budget for approximately 8-10% of the purchase price for these expenses. For a detailed breakdown, visit
How does the Knysna property market compare to ther regions in the South Africa?
In the vibrant property market of South Africa, Knysna distinguishes itself with relatively high property values. For example, the average house price in Knysna hovers around R 3.5 million ZAR, significantly higher than Johannesburg's average of R 1.2 million ZAR and closer to Cape Town's mid-range at R 3 million ZAR. This difference highlights Knysna's luxury market appeal, nestled within the scenic Garden Route, compared to Johannesburg's diverse economic base or Cape Town's tourism-centric economy.
How competitive is the Knysna property market?
The property market in Knysna, situated in the Garden Route of South Africa, is highly competitive with a diverse range of offerings. For example, average property prices hover around RR 3 700 000 ZAR. Recent listings showcase a variety of homes, from luxurious waterfront estates to affordable family houses. Residential properties, especially those with ocean views or proximity to nature, often enter the market and are sold rapidly, reflecting the city's sought-after status among both local and international buyers. Demand in prime locations like Thesen Island drives prices significantly higher. Visit for current listings and trends.
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