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Living in East London: A Quick Guide to the Real Estate Market & Neighborhoods
Market status in East London
Our catalog on offers a comprehensive overview of the real estate sales market status in East London (East London to The Wild Coast, South Africa), showcasing the latest trends and offerings. The city features various dwelling types, with House leading with an average price of R 4.4 million ZAR, an average size of 382 m², and representing 72.7% of listings. Apartment follow with an average price of R 4.4 million ZAR, an average size of 382 m², and 15.1% of listings. Townhouse make up 6.7% of listings, with an average price of R 1.4 million ZAR and an average size of 148 m².
What are the property taxes in East London and are there any other ongoing costs I should consider?
In East London, property taxes are based on the property's value, categorized annually. The rates vary but expect around 0.74147% of property value annually. Ongoing costs include water, electricity, refuse, and sewage services, adjusted monthly. Factor in home insurance and maintenance fees for a comprehensive budget estimate. For precise rates, check
What types of upfront costs and fees will I have to pay when purchasing a property in East London?
When purchasing a property in East London, you'll likely need to pay a deposit (usually 10-20% of the purchase price), transfer duty if the property is over R 1,000,000,$3 ZAR conveyancing attorney fees, and loan initiation fees if you're obtaining a mortgage. Costs vary, so it's wise to budget for additional unforeseen expenses. For more information, check
How does the East London property market compare to ther regions in the South Africa?
East London, situated in The Wild Coast, South Africa, offers a more affordable property market compared to cities like Cape Town and Johannesburg. The average house price in East London is roughly R 1,200,000,$3 ZAR whereas Cape Town's average is around R 3,000,000$3 ZAR and Johannesburg at about R 1,600,000$3 ZAR ( This makes East London an attractive option for buyers seeking more budget-friendly housing opportunities in picturesque locations.
How competitive is the East London property market?
The property market in East London, South Africa, is dynamic, reflecting modest competitiveness. As of 2023, average house prices sit at approximately RR 1 250 000 ZAR, showcasing a diversified market with options ranging from beachfront villas to suburban homes. Factors including location and property size heavily influence these price points. Listings on popular platforms indicate a steady demand, with properties often being listed for several weeks before sale. For specifics, refer to for browsing through listings and obtaining up-to-date market insights.
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