Turntables for sale in south africa

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Wanted: Turntable tonearm SME 3009 or 3012, Series 1, 2 or 3. Complete, or parts/pieces.

R 1,000

Wanted: Turntable tonearm SME 3009 or 3012, series 1, 2 or 3. Need some spare cash? Up to R1000, perhaps even more? I am...
gumtree.co.za < 10 hours ago

Novation DICER Cue / Looping Control for Digital DJ's (pair)

R 800

Novation Dicer: cue-point, looping and FX control for Digital DJs: This palm-sized cue point and looping controller has been...
gumtree.co.za < 15 hours ago


R 250

I have 5 turntables for sale, these would be good for a project or for spare parts.
gumtree.co.za 26/08/2014

Stanton ST.150 Turntables x 2

R 6,000

Excellent condition. Like New. Cash only. With original boxes.
gumtree.co.za 25/08/2014

Turntables for sale!

R 750

I have 4 turntables for sale,Garrard working however connector cut off, Akai working but I accidently broke the arm...
gumtree.co.za 19/08/2014

Four Turntables

R 750

I have 4 turntables for sale,can be fixed or used for parts,Garrard works but I cut off connector accidently,Akai works but...
gumtree.co.za 21/08/2014


R 1,200

gumtree.co.za 21/08/2014

Turntables for sale!!!!

R 750

Turntables for sale,can be fixed or used for parts.Garrard -working however I cut off connector, Akai works beautifully but...
gumtree.co.za 16/08/2014


R 750

I have 4 turntables for sale,can be fixed or used for spare parts, Garrard turntable works but I cut off connector,Akai...
gumtree.co.za 15/08/2014

Thorens turntables

Collection of vintage 1960s Thorens turntables: 165, 150, 160, and 125 (last two with SME 3009 arms; others with original...
gumtree.co.za 19/08/2014


R 750

I have 4 turntables and 1 turntable without box this ones(purely for spares) as is for sale ,can be fixed or used as spares...
gumtree.co.za 13/08/2014

Stanton T60 Turntables X2

R 1,000

Stanton T60's direct drive turntable as well as the standard needles still in tact, well maintained and still in a very good...
gumtree.co.za 18/08/2014

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