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Are you looking for a reputable car and vehicle transport carrier, car transport train or other transport services?

Do you require an industry leading auto carrier for all your abnormal loads, motor vehicle transport or vehicle storage? If so, you should try Ideal Cargo today. At Ideal Cargo, we are at the forefront of transport services, more specifically, car, auto, motor vehicle and abnormal load transport.

We specialize in the transport of vehicles. Our auto carriers, vehicle transport, car carriers, vehicle storage, abnormal load transport and motor vehicle transport provides a unique service for motor dealers, motor manufacturers, furniture removal companies, private companies and private individuals throughout Southern Africa.

We offer a prompt car transport and motor vehicle transport service within South Africa, with our car and auto carriers division being a major area of our operation. With our car train transport services, car carriers and auto carries, we presently move up to 600 vehicles plus 4500 on our train transport carriers per month. For your convenience and vehicle safety, we also offer safe vehicle storage facilities capable of storing 200 vehicles at a time for your peace of mind.

Transport of vehicles and abnormal loads can be tricky to move but we offer specialized transportation of prestigious vehicles or vehicles with low ground clearance, boats, abnormal loads and motor cycles. We employ a fleet of technologically advanced auto carriers which we set industry standards for efficient service delivery and our trailers are purpose built for the transport of motor vehicles. For more information or to view our full list of products and services, please visit out website today or to get a quotation, please give us a call today.

For Complete Peace of Mind When Moving Your Motor Vehicles, Auto’s and Abnormal Loads, Try the Leader in Transport Services Today

As the industry leader in car, auto and abnormal load carriers, we utilize the best carriers, armed with comprehensive insurance, high tech satellite tracking and fleet management devices for your safety and with our car train services, we can provide bulk vehicle transport. To make use of our comprehensive transport services, to get a competitive quote or for more information, visit our website today or speak to a consultant now.

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