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Let Firzt Realty Help You Find Your Dream Home

Firzt Realty Property Company has established itself in the South African Real Estate market and has gone beyond age old real estate norms. It’s a very creative and dynamic company and is well known for offering excellent service when it comes to helping clients when it comes to buying property, selling property, finding property, renting property and property developments. The Firzt Realty team offers a wide range of property related packages, which include sales & rentals of commercial and residential properties.

The Company also offers marketing for residential property development. Firzt is always enthusiastic and passionate about what they do and aim to go the extra mile to satisfy clients.

Under the guidance of its CEO, Denese Zaslansky, Firzt Realty has become your one stop shop for all your property related needs, with its numerous offices located in the major urban areas such as Johannesburg, Durban, Cape Town and Bloemfontein. Denese has over 21 years experience in the real estate industry and started out as a realtor, then moved on to become a manager, before establishing Firzt Realty Company in 2003. The company has won numerous awards including the highest category in the the Khayalami Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce and Industry Annual Business of the Year Award

Firzt’s culture is based on product knowledge, ethics and individuality. The strong branding colour scheme of black, gold and white was selected to show a strong and dynamic image. The logo has become part of every house or property being sold and maximizes visibility, which helps in marketing your property to prospective clients. The main office is in Melrose Estate, while smaller offices can be found in Sandton, Edenvale and in the South of Johannesburg. The property group is creative, original and results-orientated. You can be sure that Firzt will obtain the best price for you per square meter.

You can use the Firzt Realty Buyers Database to find a suitable (best) buyer for your property if you are selling. The best thing is that the system “real time” and you can get a response the day you add you property into the database.

Services on the First Realty Website

This is a very useful tool that you can use to find out how much you would pay for you property. All you need to do is enter the property price, deposit, interest rate, terms and then enter.

Ask Dense
Here you can email Denese all your questions and he will get back to you as soon as possible. Its always good to get advice from the experts before making a serious property decision.

Glossary of terms
One of the reasons why people get a low price for their property or get ripped off is because most realtors out there use terms that the ordinary man on the street cannot understand. Use the Property glossary of terms to learn all you need to know about property



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