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Good signal, fast speed and at low costs! Hard to believe? Well, it shouldn’t be. At E-uncapped, this is what you will be getting should you choose us for anything pertaining to a superior Wireless Internet Connection, Uncapped 3G, WIFI Connection and WIFI Internet, Wireless Access, Home Internet, Fast Internet and Affordable Internet for Sharing Wireless Internet.

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Yes, Affordable Internet can become your reality today. At E-uncapped, we plan, build, support, manage and implement your internet connection, whether it is a Wireless Internet Connection, WIFI Internet or Uncapped 3G.

As a young, dynamic and entrepreneurial company, E-uncapped was established in 2007 and since then we have been bringing completely unique and niche wireless internet services and products to our clients whether they reside in clusters, townhouses, apartments or urban hotels.

At E-uncapped, we live by a strong philosophy, which is to reduce the cost of internet as much as possible using the Shared Wireless concept. Our Internet service has very little limitations and it is very affordable to the home user.


We believe in always being on the edge of breaking technology services and because of this, we know we can give you what you need regarding Home Internet.

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Choose E-uncapped: Competitive pricing in Home Internet, Fast Internet,
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At E-uncapped, we specialise in providing quality internet solutions such as WIFI Internet, Wireless Access, Home Internet, Fast Internet, Uncapped 3G, WIFI Connection, Internet Wireless Connection, Affordable Internet and Sharing Wireless Internet.

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E-uncapped does not only stop at providing you with great and affordable internet for your home but we give you support beyond the installation. Available to you is a 24 hour support service, a 72 hour installation turnaround time, News feeds and so much more.

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