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At Discovery Drilling Contractors, we offer a wider range of services including diamond core drilling, RC drilling, water well drilling, and geotechnical drilling. We are a well established exploration drilling company that has been in existence since 1999 as an independent drilling and exploration contractor and we have grown into an efficient and effective business, whilst still keeping to our highest standards of health, safety, personnel, equipment and providing the highest quality core.

We are proud to present Discovery Drilling Contractors as the complete solution for exploration drilling needs. Our service is solid, based on experience and quality of both management and field personnel, as well as rugged, safe and dependable drilling equipment.
As one of the leading exploration drilling company in South Africa, we only use the very best equipment.

Years of experience in the exploration drilling environment have taught us valuable lessons with regards to the requirements of an excellent drill rig. At Discovery Drilling we manufacture our own drill rig to specifications answering those requirements.

Discovery drilling is one of the leading diamond drilling companies in South Africa, drilling any where south of the Sub Sahara. Drilling from BQ to T6-146 size core.  We are big enough to matter and small enough to care.

Discovery drilling has the capability to drill BQ 2,500 meters deep.

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With an impressive client portfolio, high tech equipment and expert advice, you can rest assured that we are the right drilling and exploration contractor for you. Although our production is better than average, we still maintain good track discipline, our safety is above question and our labour relations and facilities for workers are top class.

Discovery Drilling Contractors

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