Houses for sale in eersterust pretoria

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What more can one ask for? Eersterust Pretoria R 820000

R 820,000

A beautiful 3 bedroom house for sale with lots of potential. It has a fully paved yard a garage and a carpot. The property is... 10/04/2014

Rooms to Let in Eersterust

R 2,500

Rooms to let in Eersterust 1 Big Bedroom 1 Shower 1 Toilet 1 Basin Covered car park Fully secure with remote gate Call:Trevor... 01/04/2014

Furnished room 1500 in eersterust

R 1,500

Furnished rooms in eersterust 02/04/2014

3 bdroom House in eersterust Pretoria

R 560,000

3 fitted bedroom 1 fitted kitchen one toiled and a huge space for lounge and dinnin room.It is situated in 32 volga avenue.... 25/03/2014
3 bdroom House in eersterust Pretoria

Houses wanted in Eersterust Pretoria

Looking for a house to rent in Eersterust between R3000 - R4000 pm 15/03/2014

Reduced...Delightful! Open plan with lo.. - House For Sale...

R 685,000

Reduced...Delightful! Open plan with lots of privacy. A spacious master bedroom that worthy of it s name boasting a full en... 04/04/2014
Reduced...Delightful! Open plan with lo.. - House For Sale in EERSTERUST From Real One MOOT-Noord OOS


3 bedroom Separate bathroom and Toilet Build in cuboards and stove Secure yard. Available 1 February 2014 13/03/2014

House or apartments

Looking for a 1/2 bedroom house to let in Eersterust. - Houses - Apartments for Rent - Pretoria 12/04/2014

EERSTERUST Pretoria East

A HOUSE TO LT IN 27/02/2014

Property to rent in Eersterust Pretoria

Near school and shopping centre. On taxi route. Alternative contact number 074 69 55 339 26/02/2014

Duet to let in eersterust Pretoria East

2 bed 1 bath house available immediately to let in eersterust prepaid electricity water included(3 month basis contract... 26/02/2014

House to Rent in Eersterust Pretoria East

3 bedroom house to rent in Eersterus. Separate bathroom and toilet. Build in cuboards and stove 26/02/2014

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