Bachelor flats to rent in polokwane

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Bachelor flat to rent Polokwane

Fully furnished bachelor flat to rent in Polokwane R1500 p/m 12/08/2014

To move in end of June or 7 July

A couple is looking for a secured bachelor flat to rent in polokwane to move in end of June. ranging between R2000-R2500... 15/07/2014

Accommodation needed

Good Day, I am looking for a place to stay (bachelor flat or sharing will be fine by me as long as it is a decent place) in... 15/07/2014

8 bedroom House for sale in Sterpark

Value for money now doubled tomorrow!!.Exactly! set in the prestigious area of Sterpark you have this large home generating... 07/05/2014
8 bedroom House for sale in Sterpark

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