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5 PR POLISH BANTAMS: Wit, koekoek, ... Pretoria

R 650

5 PR POLISH BANTAMS: Wit, koekoek, chamois. R.650 p.p (Pta) Tel. (after 5pm)
junkmail.co.za 25/11/2014

BIRDS : 5pr Polish bantams R650pp;... Pretoria

R 1

BIRDS : 5pr Polish bantams R650pp; 150 Reenkwartels R35pp R.01 (Pta) Tel. (after 5pm)
junkmail.co.za 18/11/2014

Special offer. bearded polish bantams

R 600

Bearded polish bantams. A stunning pair of these exclusive breed of birds. Perfect as pets an have been vaccinated. Birds are...
gumtree.co.za 10/11/2014

Looking for BACKYARD Chickens East London

We are breeders of:- Boschvelders Cochins Pekins Japanese Bantams Sabelpoot Frizzle Pekins Polish Brahma Exchequor Leghorns...
junkmail.co.za 25/11/2014
Looking for BACKYARD Chickens East London

Polish bantams Pretoria North

R 380

Young polish bantam breeding pair
junkmail.co.za 13/10/2014
polish bantams Pretoria North

Clearing stock!! massive sale

Hi I have a pair of bearded polish bantams. Amazing birds. Sold for upto almost R1500 a pair birds are show quality. R600 is...
gumtree.co.za 16/11/2014

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