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In Quarantine - KHV free certified Good quality and reasonably priced

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1000L FLOW BINS FOR SALE - 6x Available

R 700 1000L FLOW BINS FOR SALE - 6x Available

1000L FLOW BINS FOR SALE R700.00 each Sold on "First Come, First Served" basis, due to popularity and price Phone / Whatsapp...

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Selected imported Koi at bargain prices

Selected imported Koi at bargain prices

My koi are getting to many and too big for my pond. I am selling some selected koi ranging between 30 cm and 50 cm. All...

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Koi fish for sale

Koi fish for sale

Good quality koi for sale. From 3cm---30cm. lots of different colours. Priced from R30---R300. Pond filters R600.

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Koi Fish, Filter and Pump

R 11,000

14x Koi 30-40cm 1x pump 1x UV light 1x sand filter

gumtree.co.za 20/09/2016 | Report Ad

Koi fish for sale from R100

R 100

18 to 20cm koi fish for sale any one enterested can contact 0840286215

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Fish Tanks

R 300 Fish Tanks

Various size fish tanks to choose from. All sizes R300 each. Pumps included Heaters are optional extra. R85 each (50watts to...

gumtree.co.za 25/09/2016 | Report Ad

Baby koi

R 50 Baby koi

Baby koi for sale I have a few hundred that needs new home Loads of black dark to to a few gold and multiple colors from R50...

gumtree.co.za 18/09/2016 | Report Ad

Goldfish and koi fish for sale

R 300

3 koi fish, 2 comets, 1 fantail and 1 black moor

gumtree.co.za 14/09/2016 | Report Ad

Koi Fish

Koi Fish

14 Koi Fish for sale. Ranging R100 to R6000 each, or R21 000 for all of them. Above are pictures of a few of them. For more...

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Koi Spawning Brush

R 250 Koi Spawning Brush

Koi spawning brush

gumtree.co.za 14/09/2016 | Report Ad

9 Koi , very big, for sale

R 1,000 9 Koi , very big, for sale

9 Koi fish , up to 40cm long, for sale - also tank is for sale emigrating so sell for a fraction of the value, Prices...

gumtree.co.za 13/09/2016 | Report Ad

Babie Koi

R 15

Froggies Farm Stall We have 4 to 6 cm Babie Koi For Sale

gumtree.co.za 02/09/2016 | Report Ad

Koi Pump and Equiptment

R 3,895 Koi Pump and Equiptment

I have some Koi Equiptment for sale. Pretty much everything you need to run a Koi Pond. Contact for more info.

gumtree.co.za 05/09/2016 | Report Ad

Butterfly (long tail) koi

Hi. I am looking for butterfly koi,

gumtree.co.za 01/09/2016 | Report Ad

Trout Fingerlings for sale

R 25

Trout fingerlings for sale Good for stocking ponds, dams and Koi ponds.

gumtree.co.za 22/09/2016 | Report Ad

Koi Fish

R 500 Koi Fish

Koi Fish various colours and sizes. Up to 500mm in length. Price range from R500 to R2000. Or R10 000 for the lot of 20 Fish....

gumtree.co.za 10/08/2016 | Report Ad

Koi Fish for sale

R 50 Koi Fish for sale

Beautiful clean and healthy koi fish for sale. Lots of different colours From R50 ---R350 Come have a look

olx.co.za 07/08/2016 | Report Ad

Koi Fish

R 500

Koi Fish, various colours and sizes. Between 15 & 40 cm in length. Price ranging from R500 to R3000. call Nazmie 796 - show...

olx.co.za 03/08/2016 | Report Ad

Fish tanks and fish

R 1 Fish tanks and fish

Male and female parrot fish Male 200 mm female 150 mm tank 1100x600x400mm Includes Heater Power head air pump Gravel Canopy...

olx.co.za 02/09/2016 | Report Ad

The Communal Goldfish

Have whatsapp group for goldfish lovers and enthusiasts. Anyone wanting to join can simply send me a message with their name...

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Fish and tank for sale

R 2,500 Fish and tank for sale

Hi I have a 1200/ 45/50 tank for sale , on stand with - 30 gold fish and 5 koi plus 3pumps , filters and ornaments worth over...

gumtree.co.za 29/08/2016 | Report Ad

Chagoi Koi

R 1,500 Chagoi Koi

Excellent condition bluish chagoi about 4years old. Size just over 30cm. Female.

gumtree.co.za 30/07/2016 | Report Ad
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