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2013 Skipper Model "T" LT

For Sale 2013 Skipper Model T LT (late Nov. 2013) complete with 195-R14C 14 radial commercial tyres, spare wheel, full tent... 22/11/2014
2013 Skipper Model "T" LT

Skipper Torpedo Tent trailer

Camp in comfort with the Skipper Torpedo tent trailer. Cars like VW Polo 1.4 tows this camper easily with great fuel... 02/11/2014
Skipper Torpedo Tent trailer

Skipper Model T met PWS R55.500

Skipper Model T 2008 model opvou woonwa te koop (tent trailer) met PWS Puik toestand voltent, rallytent, add a room, yskas... 10/11/2014

2012 Skipper Model T

2012 Skipper Model T tent trailer in very good shape for sale! Sought after and unique camper: Quick set-up: from stop to... 03/11/2014

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