Nissan sentra cylinder head, motoring

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Nissan sentra for sale Benoni

R 13,500

Nissan sentra 1.6 gxie for sale. 1989 model. Good condition needs cylinder head < 6 hours ago

Looking for Sentra head and cams

Hi there I am looking for cylinder head and cams for '95 Nissan Sentra 1.6 auto, please email me if you can assist. Thanks. 31/07/2014

Nissan sentra cylinder head

R 1,500

Hi guys I have a cylinder head for bubble shape nissan sentra 160i. Very good condition, pressure tested ok!! Had this spare... 27/07/2014


NISSAN SENTRA 16V Engine and Gearbox (GA16) offered with WARRANTY!!! Available complete and in component parts, cylinder head... 29/07/2014

Nissan sentra 1600 cylinder head complete

R 2,700

Pressure tested skimmed new valve guides - Car Parts & Accessories - Vereeniging 24/07/2014

Nissan sentra

R 123,580,960

Hi im looking 4 nissan sentra box shape cylinder head - Car Parts & Accessories - Durban 25/07/2014

Nissan Sentra 1600, GA16 Cyl Head

R 1,500

Cylinder Head with cams- R1500 21/07/2014

Nissan sentra cylinder head Pretoria City

R 1,000

Sentra cylinder head. 1.6 16v njector enjine. 91 - 95 model. Only needs re condition. 13/07/2014

Nissan Sentra for sale

R 10,000

Nissan Sentra for sale R10000 its a 2.0 litre sti just needs a cylinder head and panel beating, is a project car 20/07/2014
Nissan Sentra for sale

Nissan SENTRA 16V Engine/Gearbox wi... Bluff

Nissan SENTRA 16V 1.6/1.4 CARBURETTOR and INJECTION engines and gearboxes (GA14/ GA16) offered with WARRANTY!!! Available... 23/07/2014

1999 Nissan Sentra Sedan

Nissan Bubble Sentra 1600, GA16. Cylinder Head R1300, Carburator R500 and 5 Spd Gearbox R1600. 19/07/2014

Nissan sentra bubble

R 1,234

Nissan Bubble Sentra 1600, GA16. Cylinder Head R1300, Carburator R500 and 5 Spd Gearbox R1600. - Car Parts & Accessories -... 18/07/2014

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